Learn More About Our Vergers

What on Earth IS a Verger?

The role of verger dates back probably as far as the 12th Century!

The name comes from a Latin word – ‘virga’ meaning twig or rod – which describes the ‘Virge’ – which is a staff carried ceremoniously now, and only on certain occasions – but which originally had a purpose in keeping animals (or perhaps rowdy choristers?) under control!!

At St Francis, the Verger plays a key role in assisting the Clergy during Worship services: making sure things run smoothly behind the scenes; guiding other worship servers; fixing problems that may arise etc.

If the Verger’s job is done well, you may not even notice them – but our Priests most certainly will!

The Verger also works with the Clergy and Worship Servers well in advance of big services to plan how the service will work, and they work routinely to train acolytes etc.

Within the Episcopal Church, we even have our own Guild…

Think you might be interested? Or just would like to know more about what a Verger does?

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