Worship Ministry

We worship in community!

Be a part of our beautiful worship services. There are roles for everyone. All you need is a willing heart. Contact the church office at 310-375-4617 to find out more.

Lead the procession into worship and assist the clergy at the Eucharist (4th graders & up).

Altar Guild
Polish silver, care for linens, arrange flowers, and prepare the Lord’s table with grace.

Chalice Bearers
Serve the consecrated wine during the Eucharist.

Greet, welcome and orient Sunday visitors to St. Francis.

Oblation Bearers
Bear the bread and wine to the altar for the Eucharist.

Intercessory Prayer in worship
Leads intercessory prayer for individual parishioners during Communion.

Read Scripture and/or lead the Prayers of the People.

Sewing Guild
Sew and repair altar vestments.

Sound Operators
Operate the sound board, ensuring that the words of the liturgy are heard as loudly and clearly as possible.

A million candles, gentle chants, and 40 minutes of peace, plus the opportunity to pray with a prayer leader, for whatever you hold in your heart.

Distribute bulletins, receive and present the offerings of the people, and guide the congregation to the altar during Eucharist.

Serve as the “masters of ceremonies” ensuring that our worship servers are properly trained and organized so that we offer our very best to God in worship.