St Francis Scholarship Outreach Fund

Founded in 1999, the St Francis Scholarship fund supports students both financially and through one-on-one mentoring, to achieve their dream of a college education:

  • What courses and tests to take
  • Filling in application forms
  • Applying for financial aid
  • Financial awards
  • Encouragement through difficult times
  • Continued support to find financial aid
  • Being a listening ear, and provision of independent advice

The major, yearly fund-raiser ‘Designs for Dining‘ – see below – has usually taken place in late February or early March. Covid unfortunately put a pause on this, but watch our bulletins and enewsletters, or check our calendar for regular updates and news.

BUT – Please still contribute – with no cost to you by signing up for Ralphs community rewards to donate as you grocery shop.

Find out more – contact Cheryl Gutierrez (310) 791-7038.

Joyful faces when scholarship students visit St. Francis!

St Francis Outreach Scholarship Fund 2022

Despite the continuing impact of the COVID pandemic, the SFOSF continued to provide financial, technical, and scholastic support to needy local students.

Thank you to all of the SFOSF members (Cheryl Gutierrez, Robin Pano, Janet Laudeman, and Gayle Taylor)… for their continuing efforts in supporting and mentoring these students.

These are just a few of the students we have supported:

Christopher Emodi
Christopher will be majoring in Biology, at Stanford University. He expressed a desire for a laptop to use during his studies; we provided him with a 13” Apple MacBook Pro, including all of the support equipment required (USB-C adapter, backup hard drive, and protective case) for it’s use. Christopher is pictured with his mother.

Scholarship Recipient Christopher Emodi

Eghosa Isibor
Eghosa is majoring in Civil Engineering, at UC Merced. She expressed a need for a laptop, and selected a Hewlett Packard 15.6” PC; also with all of the necessary accessories (USB-C adapter, backup hard drive, and protective case). Eghosa was also the lucky recipient of the bicycle donated by Francis Yee. Eghosa is pictured (left) with her brother, and parents.

Scholarship Student - Eghosa Isibor

Megan Zamora
Megan is majoring in Computer Science, at CSU Dominguez Hills. She selected a Hewlett Packard 15.6” PC laptop to help her in her studies. Megan also received a range of accessories for her new laptop, so that she could attach other computer peripherals, and back up her machine to minimize the risk of any data loss. She is shown here, receiving the laptop with her mother.

Scholarship Student - Megan Zamora

Shania Miles
Shania is majoring in Psychology, at UC Santa Cruz. In support of her University studies, she chose a 13” Apple MacBook Pro. As with the other students, the SFOSF supplied Shania with a range of accessories for her new MacBook… including a USB-C adapter, backup hard drive, and a protective case. Shania also was the happy recipient of the bicycle donated by Daniel Crane.

scholarship student - Shania Miles

Gretel Castillo
Gretel will be attending Cal State University Dominguez Hills this year. To support her in her studies, Gretel requested a 13” MacBook Pro; and the necessary accessories for peripheral connectivity, laptop backup, and protection of the computer.

Tamilor Odunlami
Unlike most of this year’s students, Tamilor already had a laptop. Therefore, in support of her studies at UC Irvine, the SFOSF provided Tamilor with a $2000 scholarship of financial support.

Designs for Dining

Designs for Dining

Designs for Dining is the annual fundraiser for the St. Francis Scholarship Outreach Fund. Each year – usually in March – parishioners and others design beautiful and fun table arrangements demonstrating creative trends in entertaining. Plus talks from speakers, and a silent auction.

To get involved, or to attend, watch our bulletins and enewsletters, or check our calendar for upcoming dates. Or contact Cheryl Gutierrez (310) 791-7038 directly. There are plenty of fun opportunities to get involved both before and during the show each year!