Celebrate with us and view a Designs for Dining Experience!

Welcome, and thanks for joining us for our 2021 Virtual Designs for Dining. This has been a difficult year for most, if not all of us, but we wanted to provide the entertainment on this page for your enjoyment, to maintain the connection to our Designs for Dining event.

This is the 21st Annual event!

Included is a personal “Entertaining by Design” tour from our beloved speaker, Lynn Chichi, who gives us an up-close and personal view of her home in San Clemente.

We must wait until 2022 for another in-person event, but were lucky enough to have been able to host our 2020 event, just before covid restrictions came into force. See photos in the gallery alongside.

Also – enjoy a virtual Designs for Dining experience below.

Your donations are what enable us to help deserving college students, helping them with their unmet needs.

St. Francis Outreach Scholarship Fund continues to help students during the Pandemic, and will be selecting new students that will start college in fall 2021.
One of our 2020 Scholarship Students!

St Francis Scholarship Outreach Fund

Founded in 1999, the St Francis Scholarship fund supports students both financially and through one-on-one mentoring, to achieve their dream of a college education:

  • What courses and tests to take
  • Filling in application forms
  • Applying for financial aid
  • Financial awards
  • Encouragement through difficult times
  • Continued support to find financial aid
  • Being a listening ear, and provision of independent advice

The major, yearly fund-raiser ‘Designs for Dining‘ – see below – takes place usually in late February or early March. Watch our bulletins and enewsletters, or check our calendar for regular updates and news.

Also – sign up for Ralphs community rewards to donate as you grocery shop – with no cost to you!

Find out more – contact Cheryl Gutierrez (310) 791-7038.

Joyful faces when scholarship students visit St. Francis!

Designs for Dining

Designs for Dining

Designs for Dining is the annual fundraiser for the St. Francis Scholarship Outreach Fund. Each year – usually in March – parishioners and others design beautiful and fun table arrangements demonstrating creative trends in entertaining. Plus talks from speakers, and a silent auction.

To get involved, or to attend, watch our bulletins and enewsletters, or check our calendar for upcoming dates. Or contact Cheryl Gutierrez (310) 791-7038 directly. There are plenty of fun opportunities to get involved both before and during the show each year!