Taizé Services

What is Taizé?

A million candles, gentle chants, and 40 minutes of peace, while we rest in  fellowship with God and our friends in Christ.

The Taizé Community was founded by Frère Roger in 1940. He pondered what it really meant to live a life according to the Scriptures and began a quest for a different expression of the Christian life.

The Community now has around 100 brothers, and has become one of the world’s most important sites of Christian pilgrimage.

Over 100,000 young people from around the world make pilgrimages to Taizé each year for prayer, Bible study, sharing, and communal work. Through the community’s ecumenical outlook, they are encouraged to live in the spirit of kindness, simplicity and reconciliation.

Find out more about the Taizé community in France.

Next Taizé at St Francis

Service of Wholeness and Healing – Tuesday, June 26 2018, 7pm.

What Happens During the Service?

After being welcomed at the door by one of our friendly Ushers (they’re the folks to ask if you need any help) – you will have a printed sheet giving the words and music of the chants, and the order in which they will be sung. There are full instructions on the sheet – but really you don’t have to do anything. You may join in with the chants, or just sit quietly and listen.

There is an opportunity during the service to light a candle for a prayer, or a loved one, and plenty of opportunity afterwards just to sit quietly.

If you feel like it, the service is followed by a small reception of light refreshments and conversation.

We look forward to seeing you there.