Our Worship

For more information contact:  Mo. Paula,
or call 310-375-4617.
Worship FAQs – answers questions such as ‘How will I know what to do in a service?”, ”what should I wear”
In addition to the worship aids, infant care and children’s formation, children are always welcome in our worship services.

Weekly Worship

Our main weekly worship service is the Holy Eucharist (sharing of the bread and wine), also known as: the Lord’s Supper or Holy Communion.

Sundays at 8 am ~ Holy Communion in the Chapel

If you like church quiet, traditional, and direct from the prayer book, this is the service for you. We use the Rite I liturgy for Eucharist from The Book of Common Prayer.  Professional nursery care is available for infants and toddlers.

Sundays at 10 am ~ Holy Communion in the Church

At 10 am you’ll find a variety of music styles mixed into a core of traditional Anglican music, and a vibrant, prayerful community that instantly feels like family.  Christian Formation is offered concurrently for children pre-K thru 5th grades, with the children joining their parents (and dozens of adopted grandparents) for Communion.  Worship aids are available to assist young children, and professional nursery care is available for infants and toddlers.

Wednesdays at 12:10 ~ Holy Communion in the Chapel

A simple Eucharist with a focus on the lives of the saints.  A perfect way to spend your lunch hour if you live or work nearby.  Call in a lunch order by 10 am (approx $5), and stay for lunch with the clergy and staff.
Call the church Office to place your lunch order: 310-375-4617.

Taizé at St Francis

Taizé Service of Healing and Wholeness
4th Tuesday of the month, 7pm chapel

      • A healing environment for the work of God’s grace
      • Taizé music, scripture and prayer for healing – physical, mental, emotional, psychological or spiritual
      • The option of  private prayer with a prayer team member

Advent and Lent

Our dimly lit Chapel is filled with candles.  All you have to do is sit back, and let the music of Taizé and the poetry of scripture lead you to prayer.  Afterward, we usually stay for a bit to share a glass of wine and a bite to eat.  Please bring whatever you like to add to the table.  Older children usually love Taizé. Childcare is available for the younger ones by request to the church office the Monday before.

Holy Week and Easter

pam sunday - cross in chancelWhat is the Meaning of Holy Week?

Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Vigil are three days in the church year when we physically walk with Jesus from the table, to the cross, and to the tomb.
On Easter morning, we go with Mary Magdalene and witness with her, Jesus rise from the dead. The three days before,  explain why we even need to gather on Easter. One does not make sense without the other.
Though it might be hard to make it to church three times in a row, coming to these services are a great reminder of why we gather on Sunday mornings in the first place! Of course, the best way to learn more about these Three Days is to experience them first-hand! 
Look out for our service details in the weeks of Lent.