St Luke’s Shower & Breakfast Program for the Homeless

Welcome to St. Luke’s Breakfast Ministry! 

Next Breakfast Ministry date:  Saturday from 7am; September 15 2018.

The St. Francis community is committed to supporting St. Luke’s shower program for the needy in Long Beach, CA. We support their program by providing a nourishing meal to the needy that includes hardboiled eggs, warm soup, crackers, muffins, fruit, hot coffee and chocolate.

A typical day at the Breakfast Ministry goes like this:

7:00 – 7:30 AM
We setup and give thanks.

7:30 – 10:30 AM
We welcome and serve our guests.

Some of the assignments include:

  • Setting up and maintaining coffee and hot chocolate table
  • Setting up main food table
  • Serving food
  • Preparing soup in the kitchen
  • Folding clothes
  • Helping as needed

You can be a part of this ministry in a number ways that include donating food, supplies, your time and/or money.  We are flexible with those who need to leave early or to come later.  To get involved, contact Gayle Taylor .

Food and supplies donations include:

  • Food:  Bear Creek cheddar broccoli soup mix, muffins, crackers for soup, coffee, fresh fruit, hard-boiled eggs, hot chocolate, hot sauce, non-Dairy creamer, pepper packets, salt packets, sugar, sweetener, whipped Cream.
  • Supplies:  Lysol wipes or something with which we can clean the counters, plastic bags (for recycling and/or our trash) 33 gal, plastic table cloths, sponges, napkins, paper towels, plastic ware spoons, coffee stirrers, hot Cups (12oz – no Styrofoam please).

Directions to St Luke’s

We also collect and donate clothes – including socks, sturdy shoes, bags, underwear (can be used, but clean and no holes), t-shirts, pants, blankets, jackets, and hats. Please place your donations in the Blue Bin in the lower Parking lot. If you can bag and label your donation as intended for St Luke’s that would be extremely helpful. Also note – for St Luke’s please do not donate kids’ items, or formal clothes etc. Mama Hill’s Help would be more grateful for these kinds of items. And thank you!

With Many thanks!

For more resources for homelessness in the Long Beach area, click here.

Click here for Community and Food resources in the Long Beach area.

For services in Los Angeles go to the Los Angeles Homelessness Services Authority.

And finally – go here for some guidelines from St Luke’s church, on welcoming and peaceful communication with those suffering from mental health issues.