Current Scholarship Needs

Two New Recipients in Need

The St. Francis Outreach Scholarship Fund has two new recipients who have a number of basic needs.

Adriana – ride share?

Adriana will be attending Cal State Long Beach starting August 25 as a freshman.  She does not have transportation to school and plans on taking two buses each way to attend.  She lives near Sepulveda and Plaza del Amo.  The commute each way takes 2 1/2 hours on the bus.  We’re hoping to find a ride share for her.  The committee will help assist with gas for the driver. If anyone knows of someone commuting from our general area to the Long Beach State area, please contact Joni McInytre at (310) 378-1606 or email Adriana may be able to take one bus to meet a driver along the route.

Adriana and Jackeline – household furniture

Also, Adriana and her family and another new recipient, Jackeline, (who will attend El Camino starting August 25) is in need of household furniture, including beds, living room furniture, kitchen supplies etc. Some of these larger items are not available at our rummage sale in August.  The family has been living with an aunt and must move, and do not have basic furniture items. They especially could use a couch and a refrigerator.

Jackeline has friends who have a truck so if you need something picked up that could be arranged.

The scholarship fund will be bringing both girls to the Rummage Sale to see if they find needed items and the fund will purchase these items for them.

Other school related items needed are printers, laptops, paper, notebooks, pens etc.  So if you have any items that could help, please contact our chairperson, Joni, at the above phone or email address.

And thank you!