St Francis Scholarship Outreach Fund

What is the St Francis Outreach Scholarship Fund?

Founded in 1999, St Francis Scholarship fund supports students both financially and through one-on-one mentoring:

  • What courses and tests to take
  • Filling in application forms
  • Applying for financial aid
  • Financial awards
  • Encouragement through difficult times
  • Continued support to find financial aid
  • Being a listening ear, and provision of independent advice

Our first candidate graduated in 2008. Our second in June 2011, and our third graduated in this summer!
Our fourth recipient will be a Junior this Fall, and came to us via Mama Hill’s Help.

Who are Our Students?

Four of our students, have graduated from college and benefitted from our mentoring help, as well as financial  assistance. Lorena (Pepperdine University), Angelina (UC Santa Barbara), Chris (Cal State Monterey Bay) and Clauzette (Cal State Northridge).
We currently have eight in school now, three sophomores Adriana (Cal State Long Beach), Jackeline (El Camino College), Noelle (LMU) three juniors, Elishebah (Cal State Long Beach), Jenny Gomez (Cal State Northridge), Katherine (Cal State Bakersfield) and Jocelyn (UCLA), and one senior, Richard (UCLA).

What are we up to now?

We earn most of our money through Designs for Dining, our entertaining and popular fundraiser.  We are already making plans for next year’s event – Friday February 24th 2017.

We welcome any parishioner who would like to be a part of this unique outreach ministry. We welcome your comments and inquiries.

For any questions, please contact our Co-Chairs, Cheryl Gutierrez, and Robin Pano.  Phone numbers are available from the church office.

How do we Raise Money – and How Can you Help?

The major fund-raiser for the program is our annual “Designs for Dining” event each Spring.

Other important funding comes from grocery store card contributions including Ralphs, Vons/Pavilions and also e-Scrip.
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How do I Donate for free via Grocery Store Cards?