Military Outreach

We at St. Francis do not want our troops to be forgotten.

military outreach2

Therefore, we support the Military and their families through:

  • prayer – both privately, and in our worship services
  • cards of encouragement
  • packages of donated items – Military Packing List
  • and donations for the shipping of these items

imagesRead Heartwarming thank you notes from the many troops who have received our packages.
Many of those who serve never receive packages from home, so these are truly special for them.



2 Packing Events Each Year

Military xmas 2015 21Please remember to pray for the troops to whom we sent these boxes, as well as our Military serving all over the US and the World.

Next packing – Now!!!

Collections have started, and packing is
Saturday, February 24, 2018, 9am – noon
(or until finished!)
Where: St.Lawrence Martyr Parish Hall, upstairs in the St. Francis Room.

Follow our weekly bulletins, enews and monthly newsletter to see the latest details.

Homemade cards
These are a special favorite with the troops – can you involve your own children, or ask their groups to make cards: Girl /Boy Scouts, classrooms, Sunday school, Military xmas 2015 kids writingsports groups, etc. (remember, no children’s last names). These cards are our biggest morale booster. They are treasured and read over and over.

Box Packing
Consider joining us as we pack boxes together. Children 5 and older are welcome,with family. Watch our bulletins and weekly enews for any upcoming events.

Military Outreach box packing

For more information, call Susie Zimmerman, 310-316-5941,or email Julie McGovern.

Julie and Susie thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Watch our publications and the website for details of our next events.

If you know someone who is deployed and you would like us to pray for them, or think of them during our packing events, please contact Susie Zimmerman (310 316-5941) or Julie McGovern. Be sure you know when the deployment is over.


Thank you to St Francis church from the troops!