Mama Hill’s Help – What you can do…

So Many Easy Ways You Can Help!


Support “Mama Hill’s Help” fund

Your donations are passed on to Mama Hill as needs arise, mostly of an emergency nature. Please make your check payable to St. Francis Episcopal Church and mark it “for Mama Hill’s Help” in the memo line. Bring or mail it to the church office at 2200 Via Rosa, Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274. No amount is too small.

St Teresa’s/Mama Hill’s Christmas Tree in the Parish Hall

Tags, instructions, and signup sheets are in place now for you to contribute gifts to both the staff and children at Mama Hill’s Help.

Please return your wrapped gift to the church by December 9th. Thank you!
The Christmas Party will be held on Sunday, December 16, immediately after the 10:00 service.  

Clean out your Closet, Garage, Pantry, Office…

(new things are appreciated as well!)

Food, clothing, household items, baby supplies, toys and school/office supplies are needed all year round. Collection bins are in the Parish Hall. Watch out for additional special seasonal requests (eg. Thanksgiving Turkeys!) listed in our newsletters and Sunday Bulletins.

When you’re Grocery Shopping…

…simply get in the habit of adding one or two items to your own list.

Peanut butter, jelly, canned soups, vegetables and fruits, tuna fish, rice, instant potatoes, toothpaste, deodorants, shampoos, and diapers are all simple ideas that work wonders.  Simply drop your contribution into one of the Mama Hill’s collection bins in the parish hall.  Goods are transported to Mama Hill’s at least weekly.


Pen Pal Program

The Pen Pal Program with the children of Mama Hill’s Help continues to brighten the lives of children faced with circumstances many of us cannot even imagine. Getting a cheery note of support from a stranger has a way of lifting their spirits…and yours! Please consider becoming a part of this most precious ministry. Your gift of communication and caring will have a special meaning for a child.


  • printer cartridges (inkjet and laser)
  • cell phones
  • ask your workplace if they would be willing to donate as well

Please enclose the item(s) in a plastic bag labeled “Mama Hill’s Recycling” and place in the Mama Hill’s collection bin in the Parish Hall at any time. Funds are used for Mama’s Angel Fund, from which bus passes and groceries are purchased and family emergencies resolved. In addition, they may fund paying the children for doing odd jobs, rewarding good behavior, and getting good grades.

Tutoring and mentoring

If you have an hour or two a week, please consider working directly with one or more of the children.  You don’t have to be a certified teacher to help out with math, science, English, spelling, reading, geography, etc.


Include the children and families as well as Mama Hill and her support staff in your daily prayers.

Raise Money from Internet Searching, Shopping and Dining Out

Use the following to raise money painlessly (plus coupons for you):

  • GoodSearch search engine – with “Mama Hill’s Help, Inc.”  as your charity of choice.
  • GoodShop – many merchants will donate a percentage of your purchase.
  • GoodDining – earn up to 6% on the dollar when you register your credit/debit cards, and dine out in participating restaurants.

To date, we have raised over $500 for Mama Hill’s Help using GoodSearch and GoodShop – let’s do even better!

Birthday cake Ministry

Bake and decorate a cake for a child’s birthday! Sometimes the first time a child will have ever had a birthday cake of any kind. This is such a simple ministry, but it has a huge impact on the kids.  Homemade with love is all that matters in this ministry. For further information, or to help, please contact Marcia Schoettle.

One parishioner was SO WORRIED about her cake not looking nice that she asked that we not tell anyone who it was from – but when we delivered the cake, the other children were actually FIGHTING over who would get to have that one.

Calvin requested that he be able to pick out his cake at a local bakery instead of receiving a homemade cake.  I tend to shy away from this, because the “just write a check” worries me.  But Calvin spent the entire month leading up to his birthday visiting the bakery DAILY to research which cake he would choose.  He had a spring in his step and talked about his cake with such animation, it was quite a sight to see.  When the day came, he chose an Elmo cake.  He’s a 14-year-old boy.  Innocence in the face of such a hard world they live in.  I love it.

When Herberg received his cake, he was dancing around with glee, proudly exclaiming to everyone who would listen that THIS cake was made ESPECIALLY for HIM.

When James received his cake, he stared at it in wonder and after a moment of quiet, said “wow – that was made with a lot of love.


Give a Week at Summer Camp for $75

Get the kids out of Watts, and into the clean mountain air in Julian, San Diego County.

For $75 (tax-deductible donation) you can purchase a subsidized campership for one child for a week at this beautiful camp, where kids are invited to explore, learn, and adventure in a sunny 256 wooded acres filled with ponds, meadows, gardens, hiking trails, and wildlife. Make cheques to St Francis Church, with Mama Hill Campership in the memo field, and either hand in to the office, or place in the collection plate at any worship service. Thank you.

And don’t forget to check it out for your own kids too – it’s an amazing experience!
More about Camp Stevens.