Mama Hill – Stories of Hope

Mama Hill has devoted her retirement to giving kids in Watts a road out of despair and hopelessness.
Here are just a few stories of inspiration:

The Van

Thanks to an introduction from one of our parishioners, Mama Hill’s Help recently took ownership of a van, which will will allow the kids to participate in field trips to various cultural and sports venues in and out of LA. It will also assist in transport of these at risk youth to much needed medical and dental appointments etc.



Secondly, thanks to a generous donation from our own Episcopal Church Women  (ECW) the first year’s insurance is also covered. Another donor very kindly provided the first 6 months of coverage, and the ECW have provided the second half! Thank you!

St Francis Outreach Scholarship Fund (SFOSF)

The SFOSF is currently sponsoring and mentoring a graduate of Mama Hill’s help – who is now studying at California State University, Northridge – majoring in English in hopes to be a high school English teacher when all is said and done.

I know that only God’s plan and his grace toward me are responsible for me landing in your path. I must say that you all are truly a blessing to me and my family...thanks to the parish collectively for the love and support that you have shown from day one. May peace and blessings continue to be with all of you. –Clauzette

The Grapefruit Tree

Our beloved Grapefruit tree has ANOTHER new lease on life!  Some of you may recall that this tree was struck by lightening years ago.  The tree, instead of just dying, sent out a side branch that blossoms with beautiful fragrant blossoms in the spring and bears heavy loads of fruit every year since.  Well, the weight of that bountiful harvest took it’s toll, and the tree began to crack and bleed sap.

So, Mama had some of the strong young men at the program cut off the dead portion of trunk that had been struck by the lightening and was still attached to the tree, and use that portion of trunk to prop up the living portion of the tree.
How poetic.

We can learn from this tree…something happens in life to cause a part of yourself to die.   Don’t give up.  Grow in another direction and continue to live.  If the burdens of life in that new direction become too much to bear, cut off the dead parts and use them to prop yourself up.

Use what you have overcome in life to continue to live.  Amazing!