Antiques Show

What is the Antiques Show?

  • We raise money for outreach – locally and further afield
  • We raise money for our Ministries at St Francis
  • We have a good time as the whole Parish comes together to help

For the last several years, the Antiques Show has raised between $25,000 and $30,000 annually to support community services in the South Bay and wider community, as well as our ministries at St. Francis.

Antiques Show & Sale Proceeds support the Mission & Outreach of St. Francis Church

It’s Here!!

The 50th Antique Show!

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Why an Antique Show???

  • Without money we would not be able to reach out to others, have a home for spiritual solace, worship and joy, hire our Priests and other staff, or stay on our beautiful campus. The Antique Show contributes significantly to all these causes, and more.
  • Even better than that – this is where we show how we as Christians actually live our lives in a Christ-Centered way. Our Christian life does not only apply on Sunday mornings; we bring it to our day to day life, including, for example, an Antique Show (or our jobs, or the supermarket trip and everywhere else that isn’t  “church”).
  • We greet each other with a Welcoming spirit, our sense of Fellowship, our care and kindness for others, even at times of stress, and our joy in being part of a religious community that takes its Christianity and applies it in any situation.
  • And we enjoy yourselves as well, in sharing, in caring, and in working together in a Christ-Led way for a common cause!

What’s At the Show?

Gala and Sale Preview
Show and Sale
Appraisal Booth
Patio Luncheons
Afternoon Tea
Evening Wine and Cheese
Harvest Cupboard
Garden Gazebo

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The show is a parish-wide effort organized by a committee of the Episcopal Church Women (ECW).

Contacts: Darryl  or Jamie

Or call the church office on 310 375-4617.