We Reach Out Beyond Our Walls

Here at St Francis, we not only develop our own spiritual lives, and enjoy each others’ friendship and community, but we also reach out to those beyond our walls.

One of our key values is “Christ-Like” – we believe that as we become genuine followers of Christ, we will grow to be more like him, becoming instruments of grace, hope, and love in every area of our life and world.

Christ reached out to those in need, and urged his first followers to share what they had, and to extend help to those less fortunate than themselves. So we strive also to do this – first by doing what we can individually, in our own day-to-day lives – we’re never too poor to share at the very least a smile and a helping hand.

But also, through a range of programs at St Francis we make the most of working together – our creativity, energy and yes, hard cash, all of which is multiplied when we put it all together.

Below are just a few of the outreach programs we support or run. For details on any of these, contact the leaders, or either of our Priests and find out more.

Have an idea of your own? Email Mo. Paula, talk to any Vestry member, or chat to a few folks in your small group, or just at coffee hour,  and see where God leads you!!