What do we Mean by Spirituality?

What do we Mean by “Spirituality”?

There are many definitions of Spirituality – you will almost certainly have your own!
St Francis Church Prayer and Contemplation

Wikipedia gives us:

  • “an inner path enabling a person to discover the essence of his/her being;”
  • or “the deepest values and meanings by which people live”.

Cultural changes in the West have led to many changes in the way people view Religion and it’s relationship to Spirituality.

For us at St Francis, we believe that all of us are on spiritual journeys, and may be at different points on that journey – some just finding their way – some who have travelled far and are sure of their goal, others who are doubting and questioning their whole direction.

Wherever you are on your journey, we welcome you and your questions, doubts and beliefs.

Here at St Francis we believe "that the truly abundant life is found in relationship with God and offers a peace the world can never give".

In our stressful world, you can find this peace, which you can then share that with others to make your sphere of influence a better place. We do it by working every day, not just in church on Sunday mornings, to get closer to the real meaning of our lives, and to find a connection (or a deeper connection) to God.

How do I Explore Further?

There are many ways that we develop and explore our spiritual goals and journeys. Here are just a few:

  • Talk with our clergy – contact Mo. Paula who will direct you so that you can explore further  – your gifts, your doubts, your questions – and where you are headed in your life.
  • Come to worship – in our readings, our music, our sermons, and especially from the profound gift of Holy Communion, you will have a chance to reflect, and just to sit in the presence of God away from the distractions of our ever-busier lives.
  • Prayer – in our Prayer Chapels, either in the Baptistery of the Chapel, or in the Nason Prayer Chapel in our main Church, we have space for you to sit quietly, light a candle perhaps, or read some of the materials available to guide your thoughts and help you find out more about prayer.
  • Join a small group – these are the ideal way to explore your ideas with others – find out how other ordinary people tackle the difficult issues –
      • why do bad things happen to good people?
      • Does prayer even work?
      • Can’t I just be spiritual at home by myself without joining a church?
      • Can I stay here even if I have trouble believing everything I think I’m supposed to believe?
  • Attend our education sessions and groups – throughout the year we hold talks, events, trips, and spiritual exercises for you to take part in and enjoy.
  • Read and learn  – there are many excellent resources – both printed books available on our library cart after each service on Sunday, or in the library during the week – and many on the web.
  • Mind/Body Connection – not just a practice of the Eastern religions, or your yoga class, meditation is an amazing key to your deepest self, and to connection with God. We know – you can’t do it because you can’t be still, your mind keeps going, your worries surface, it’s a waste of time etc. etc.  So check out our section which will give you real, practical tools to help you with this wonderful blessing.