Prayer Chain

What is the Prayer Chain?

We are a group who pray daily for specific individuals, as we are asked.

Are the Names of those in Need Kept Private?

Names are not necessary for prayers, although all  requests are confidential, and are never printed or disclosed outside the members of the prayer chain – all of whom are known personally to the Clergy.

Who do you Pray For?

We pray for anyone who is sick, in trouble, or in need of any kind. For example,

  • For healing
  • For comfort
  • For support of families and friends
  • For the departed
  • For the unemployed
  • For the lonely or stressed
  • For those suffering with addictions

How do I Request Prayers?

If you would like to be added to our list, or know someone who would benefit from our prayers, please contact either the Church Office on 310 375 4617, or email Mo. Paula.

How can I Join the Prayer Chain?

Speak to, or email Mo. Paula.

How do I ask for Prayers During Sunday Services?

You may also request public prayers to be read in our Sunday services, and printed in our bulletins.
Contact Mo. Paula.