I want to learn (more) about faith

Wherever you are in your Journey – Travel with Us!


Do any of these describe you?

  • exploring faith and spirituality in general
  • exploring the Christian faith
  • new to the Episcopal Church
  • preparing to receive the Sacraments, including marriage, baptism, confirmation
  • preparing to join St. Francis Church
  • any or all of the above – or just plain curious….!








What if I know nothing about “Church”?

Some of us have been born and raised in the Episcopal Church, or another Anglican faith (eg. Church of England), while many of us are just coming new to ideas of belief, or from a different faith community.

Maybe you’ve never even been to church other than Christmas, or an occasional wedding or special service.

What if I’m a life-time Member?

Or maybe you’ve been to so many different flavors of Episcopal worship style you could write a book!!

Whichever it is, or somewhere in between – it doesn’t matter.

What do you have for me here?

We are interested in you – in your ideas and worries and doubts and thoughts. You will not be judged or labelled.

  • Feel free to sit at the back and just take it all in for a while – or for as long as suits you, or jump right in and get involved in anything that interests you.
  • Talk to Mo. Paula at any time – or make an appointment. We love meeting people over coffee, and getting to know each other better.
  • Throughout the year we run classes and other opportunities to deepen our knowledge of the Bible and of our beliefs, and to develop, or to continue to grow, a living, breathing faith.
  • Join a small group where we meet very informally, and discuss our faith and our lives.

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