The Simple Teaching of Contemplative Prayer

A Simple Guide

Sit down.

Sit still and upright.

Close your eyes lightly.

Sit relaxed but alert.

Breathe calmly and regularly.


Be attentive to the Presence of God.

Let go of distractions gently.

When distractions come, use a word to center yourself.

Let the word be simple such as God, Jesus, Peace, Love, Abba, Father.

Or let your breathing in and breathing out be a focus.

Or let yourself use a mantra, such as the Aramaic word Maranatha,

“Come Lord Jesus”.

Recite it as four syllables ‘Ma-Ra-Na-Tha’,

Listen to it as you say it, or your own word, as above.


Do not think or imagine anything – spiritual or otherwise.

If thoughts and images come, these are distractions, so keep returning simply to saying your centering word or mantra.

There is no success or failure.

There is only the desire to be nearer to God.