Adult Confirmation

What is Confirmation?St Francis Confirmation, October 2, 2011

Confirmation is a “public affirmation of your faith and a commitment to the responsibilities of Baptism”.
For adults interested in receiving this sacramental rite we will be offering two classes of preparation that will include prayer, study and instruction.  Class dates will be decided depending on what is convenient for the adults involved. Those preparing for Confirmation will come to understand what the public moment signifies when the bishop lays hands on the heads of the confirmed and calls upon the power of the Holy Spirit.

What if I’ve Been Confirmed Already in Another Denomination?

Besides offering the Sacramental Rite of Confirmation, adults who have been Confirmed in a denomination such as, Catholic or Lutheran, can be “received” by the bishop into the Episcopal Church.  It is not a second Confirmation but a “reception” into our Episcopal denomination.  There is also the opportunity for “reaffirmation of baptismal vows” at this same occasion.

Next Opportunity for Adult or Teen Confirmation

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