Parent Pages help families connect to the Godly Play stories.  See the most recent Sunday School Monthly Newsletter for links to Parent Pages on the stories of the month.

The Ten Best Ways for Parents One Godly Play lesson tells children about the “Ten Best Ways” to live–the Ten Commandments that God gave God’s People.  Here we offer “Ten Best Ways” for parents, not commandments, but ways we invite you, the parent, to share more fully in your child’s Godly Play experience. 1.  Godly Play sessions take place at this time: from 9:55am to the beginning of Holy Communion. Each Sunday, we bring the children in for Holy Communion. 2.  Please help your children be on time.  They won’t want to miss a minute.  If your child is more than 10 minutes late, we ask that you take your child into church with you.  Late arrivals are difficult for your own child and disruptive for the group.  We will welcome them back wholeheartedly the next Sunday! 3.  The Godly Play circle is built slowly and lovingly, to welcome each child, one at a time.  When children arrive, they wait outside the door while the teacher helps them get ready to join the circle. 4.  Please say your goodbyes at the door, and know that the teachers are ready to make the next hour a safe and welcoming time for every child. 5.  When you pick up your child, keep in mind that young children will not always be able to tell you what they learned, because what they learned was how to learn about the powerful language of the Christian people. 6.  Also keep in mind that children will not always be able to show you a physical product for their “work” that day, because some of what they’ve learned cannot be put into words even by adults.  In Godly Play, we focus on our relationship with God and the depths of relationships in the community of children. 7.  Please don’t come into the room during class because we want the Godly Play room to be a special place for the community of children.  Even the teachers keep their profiles low during a Godly Play session! 8.  We would be happy to welcome you on a visit to the Godly Play classroom outside of session time.  Call us at (310)375-4617 or speak to Kate Buchen to arrange a visit or ask any questions you might have about the program. 9.   We hope you will attend one of our quarterly parent orientation classes after the 10 o’clock service at 11:30am.  This is your chance to experience Godly Play environment and process together with other parents.  10. Read the Parent Pages with your child(ren)!