Pre-school Through 5th Grade

Christian Education for Pre-School – thru 5th Grade


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Christian Education for Preschool thru 5th Grade is held on Sunday mornings during 10am worship. Please bring your children to the appropriate rooms by 9:55 a.m. Children return to the church in time to receive Holy Communion with their families.
What Classroom Should my Child(ren) be in?

Note for 2017 – 2018 Registration:   Each Fall we ask parents or guardians to complete a new registration form for each child in our program so we have up-to-date medical and other information about your child. Find your 2017/2018 registration form here


Godly Play Spoken Here

St Francis practices the internationally recognized program of  Godly Play for these age-groups.  This curriculum, inspired by the Montessori tradition of children’s spiritual formation, is used worldwide across Christian denominations.

Rather than a religious-themed, craft-based set of activities, Godly Play allow children to grow in their relationship with God by introducing and wondering, with the child, the core mysteries of the faith in a way that is respectful of both the child at this phase of her/his development, and the rich heritage  of our tradition. 

The adult plays a unique role – as both the storyteller & facilitator of the sacred space and a co-listener with the child before the Word of God.  For example, after telling a story of the bible, the teacher wonders with the children, quietly encouraging them to ask questions and therefore grow in their relationship with God. With  Godly Play, the children are not told how to interpret the story, but are allowed to respond to the story at their own current level of spiritual awareness.

In Godly Play, we model every Sunday how the process of “getting ready” to come before God in worship with the children by providing them with the time they need to get ready to enter sacred space.  At the door of our Godly Play classroom one of the two teachers greets each child individually, welcoming them and gently reminding them of ways to enter this sacred space. Just like adults, children come with distractions and need permission to slow down, speak softly and listen deeply for the voice of God as it is revealed in the Word.  After a time, children learn to recognize this process and do the work themselves.

Their time is spent in a Godly Play room, surrounded by beautiful three-dimensional materials to provide the concrete learning support that many children need. The children creatively respond to the story of the day or any story they wonder about.

All our Godly Play teachers undergo substantial training in the presentations of Scripture, and in guiding the children.

What can parents do to wonder with their children?

Find resources called Parent Pages here…

Even if you don’t have children yourself, just ask for a tour of the rooms, and you will be warmed and gifted by realizing the depth of spirituality to which our children are being led.

Ages, Grades and Classroom Locations

Classes begin at 9:55.

(ages and grade levels are flexible – we will always consider the needs of your particular child(ren). Please feel free to speak to any of our teachers to discuss your child).

o Nursery Care (Ages 0-3) meet in the Nursery.
o Preschool & Kindergarten (Ages 3-6) – meet in the Godly Play Level 1 Room – ( the left room on the Parish Hall stage).
o 1st thru 5th Grades (Ages 6 – 11) – meet in the Godly Play Level 2 Room (the center room on the Parish Hall Stage).

If you would like more information about our programs, or if you would like to observe in one of our Godly Play spaces, please email Suzanne Gatlin or contact her via the church office on 310 375 4617.

Summer Sundays for Kids

St. Francis Church offers Sunday School through July.  Children continue to meet in their age-appropriate Godly Play space.

August is a break for our teachers to plan for the coming year. At this time we sincerely love to see (and hear!) you and your kids in church. Please ask an usher for a copy of the “Sunday Papers” or retrieve a book from our bookshelf as a worship aid for your child(ren).