Families & Kids

At St Francis Church, we care deeply about our families and kids.

Registration:   Each Fall we ask parents or guardians to complete a new registration form for each child in our program so we have up-to-date medical and other information about your child. Contact Kate Buchen for more details.

Meet our staff members for Children, Youth and Family Ministries.

Kate Buchen – Minister for Families and Children

Look out for these enriching and joyful events for your whole family:

  • our year-round Sunday School program
  • seasonal events like the Advent Wreath?Making breakfast, Christmas Pageant, and Easter Egg Hunt
  • Vacation Bible School

Dr Jeannie Cobb – Director of Music, Youth and the Arts
Jeannie’s talent, enthusiasm and experience, makes her perfect to lead our Adult and Youth Choirs, and also adult volunteers in our ministry with Middle and High School teens – CRASH! and eMERGE.

Dr Jeannie Cobb

Youth Arts
Jeannie also fosters creative youth participation in worship services throughout the year, and is developing an inclusive “Youth Arts” program involving young people from the wider community.

Calling All Teens! – please come along and join us (not just those of you who see yourselves as “artistic”) in raising money for missions, as you entertain our peninsula, grow in faith, and have a great time doing it.


From their earliest years, we believe in giving children a nurturing and fun environment, with which we sow the seeds of faith, and instill in them the knowledge that they are loved – by God, and by our our whole church community.

We also reach out to parents, guardians and caregivers, through good times, and in times of struggle, to support them in their own faith journeys, and to help them lead the young people in their care closer to the abundant life and love that God intends for us all.


Our programs for children consist of the following areas:
(approximate age groups and school level are given, but of course there is flexibility for individual children).

Nursery Care: Infants and toddlers, 3 yrs and younger

Godly Play: (Pre-K thru 5th grade, 3- 11)
CRASH! (Middle School):
eMERGE (Junior and Senior High School):
Post-secondary: Older young people have often made deep connections with their peers, and with adults in the congregation, and even if they move away from the area as they step into adult life, they are always welcomed enthusiastically on visits home. They grow to become part of our St Francis family!

See also our preparation for Holy Baptism, First Communion, and Confirmation.

Contacts: Please contact Paula+, or any of our Youth Leaders, for more information on any of these programs.