Small Groups

St. Francis Small Groups

The groups listed below are continually welcoming new members. Whether they are men’s groups, women’s groups, co-ed groups, groups for young adults, singles, divorced people….Whether they meet every week or once a month….

All small groups involve Bible study or reflection, praying for each other, caring for one another, and reaching out to serve others.

Join one, and you will find fellow travelers in an authentic journey of faith.

  • Connecting with God (Co-ed Group)
    Meets most Monday evenings, in the Library.

    Contact: David or HeeSun Gerhardt, 310-373-2934.

  • Good Grief - Support System for Loss or Grief

    “GOOD GRIEF!” is an exclamation many associate with the comic strip character Charlie Brown, but the statement takes on a different meaning in St. Francis’ homegrown support group of the same name.

    Good Grief is a support system for all kinds of grief:

    • if you’ve lost a job,
    • are going through a divorce,
    • have lost someone you love …
    • it is for anyone in major stress.

    It is not a therapy group, but a group of fellow travelers who share similar experiences and hold each other up during periods of struggle. Meetings are held in the chapel on most Wednesdays from 7:00-8:00pm.

    Please contact Collette Furbush at 310-534-8503 or Shelly Zak  to confirm meeting dates.

  • Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Transgender (LGBT)

    A friendly and welcoming group, holding occasional get-togethers and events. In addition, all individuals are fully included and extremely welcome in all the ministries and events at St Francis, without exception.