Guilds of the Episcopal Church Women (ECW)

There are 4 guilds (membership groups) within the St Francis Episcopal Church Women (ECW). Each guild has a different focus for activity, but all offer social support and a way to make great friends.

Check out each link below for regular meeting details, upcoming events and contact information.
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ECW Guilds

  • St. Anne's Guild

    The Guild meets every fourth Monday of the month, in the evening, September to June, at a member’s home or in the Board Room of Tourigney Hall.
    Each December, St. Anne’s Guild hosts a Christmas Auction offering a variety of crafts made by members, Christmas gifts and freshly baked holiday fare. The proceeds from this Auction are donated to a variety of charities.
    St. Anne’s Guild has established a book fund which is used to help college students purchase textbooks. These funds come from holding book sales.
    Knitting members and friends have donated preemie caps and booties to the Neonatal Center of Harbor/UCLA Hospital.
    Social events often include a summer dinner party and day outings.
    Contact: Anna Eakins via Mary Sanchez in the church office by calling 310-375-4617.

  • St. Cecilia’s Guild

    Meets on the third Thursday in January, March, May, September, and November.  The Guild hosts an annual bridge tournament, and three “Pops” parties each year.  Projects include purchasing Bibles for graduating seniors, assisting in special parish projects, supporting the choirs and the Outreach Scholarship Fund.  Contact: Sally Hill, via Mary Sanchez, or 310-375-4617.

  • St. Teresa’s Guild

    Meets monthly, alternating lunch and dinner meetings at various locations. Fund-raising activities include the Annual Chinese New Year Auction, which supports local programs benefiting children and families who are victims of illness, abuse or poverty, including Mama Hills Help.  Contact: Robin Pano, via Mary Sanchez, or 310-375-4617.

  • St. Motley's Guild - Rummage Sale

    St. Motley’s is a different kind of  guild, open to both women and men. We are an all-parish crew, and our sole purpose is to run a highly popular and profitable, annual rummage sale and disperse the funds, primarily for in-parish repairs and improvements – thus contributing significantly to the support of the church as a whole, and enabling our pastoral, spiritual, and outreach work to continue and grow.