Our Community

Who Will I Meet Here?

We are an inclusive bunch of people who pride ourselves on our warm and friendly welcome to everyone who walks through our doors, or who we meet in our weekly lives. Old, young; families and singles; rich or poor; those in employment or those at home or retired; well or ill; gay or straight; firm believers in faith, or those seeking answers.

No matter how the world at large may classify you – at St Francis Church, we are all joined in community as followers of Christ.

  • Episcopal Church Women – open to all the women of the church – for friendship and service
  • Friars – and here are our guys! Not just pretty faces – they also love to cook for us all!
  • Gardening Angels – help keep our campus beautiful – no special knowledge needed. We will guide you..
  • Small Groups – a choice of small groups for study and discussion of faith in informal surroundings.
  • Widows and Orphans – fellowship and food!

We believe God calls us into a supportive community that nurtures us in faith.  We risk being open and vulnerable, sharing our real lives so we may learn to love and be loved as we truly are.(from our Values)