St Francis – Past, Present and Future

A message from Mo. Paula

During the current St Francis clergy transition process, following Mo. Sarah’s move to North Carolina, instead of doing a full-blown parish profile that would have led to a Rector Search Committee, you have called me as Priest-in-Charge Under Special Circumstances, which makes me eligible to be called as Rector in the Spring of 2016, if we discern that is best for all of us.

However, I believe we still need to gather input from everyone as we go forward. It is important that we look back at, and celebrate the past; examine our current Ministries and Mission; and make plans for our future.

Therefore, the Vestry, and others, have designed in a 4-part Sunday series, in which everyone will have the chance to share their memories, comments, and vision for the future in fun, interactive ways. We promise no public speaking required!

Everyone is also invited to share opinions with Vestry members, and/or Mo. Paula directly – in person, or via email or phone.
Our parish is not a building or campus, but rather, the people who worship and pray together, and this is an opportunity for all to be heard, before we step forward into the next chapter of St Francis history.
Mo. Paula+

St Francis Parish: Past, Present and Future – 4 Sundays

  • September 13 – Get Connected Sunday, plus “History Hour” – This will be an interactive experience based on a timeline of our parish. Everyone can give input and add where you are in our history, in a fun way (absolutely no public speaking required!).
  • September 20 – “Who are we?” – What do you like about our church? What can we improve upon?
Some areas for you to think about include: Children and Families, Youth, Music, Worship, Adult Christian Formation, Outreach, Social Justice, Membership, Fellowship, Pastoral Care, plus anything that is on your mind or heart.
  • September 27 – “Who do we want to become?” – How do we want to advance? Where are we going into the future?
  • October 4 – St Francis DayCome to church to find out what the question for this final week will be!

St Francis said, "Preach the gospel at all times, use words when necessary."