Buildings and Grounds

We all enjoy our lovely property and attractive buildings

View from St Francis church at dusk

but how many know what is involved?

  • We have nearly 3 acres of land and 26,000 square feet of buildings (not including the Rectory).
  • We use 1.3 million gallons of water,
  • 70,000 kwh of electricity,
  • 5,000 therms of gas, and
  • create up to 8 cu yards of waste each week.
  • We work with 15+ facilities related vendors, ranging from utilities, to landscape, to our regular repairmen for our aging heating system and kitchen appliances.

No small task to manage and maintain all this!  

We are fortunate to have a very talented and dedicated Building and Grounds Committee, Garden Angels group, Business Manager and Sexton as well as many other volunteers who help to maintain and improve our facilities.
Our regular workdays allow everyone and anyone to come along and share in friendship (and a free lunch!), while we work together to spruce up our grounds.

Other activities such as insuring our compliance with fire codes, patching broken steps and pathways, are less visible, but nevertheless critical to the management of our facilities.
Much of the work is funded through the generosity of Episcopal Church Women (ECW) and Rummage Sale, so as you enjoy the facilities, please remember to support the activities sponsored by these groups.