The Rev. Peter’s Biography

Born and raised in Taiwan to parents of Taiwanese and Japanese descent, I grew up in the expatriate communities and international schools in Taipei, Tokyo and Hong Kong until my family immigrated to Los Angeles while I was attending high school. Spending years in different cultures has inculcated in me a deep appreciation for the diversity of God’s image created in us and for our Church.
After studying Architecture Design at MIT, I completed a Masters in Divinity at Fuller Seminary, and pursued vocational ministry as a pastor at an Asian-American church in Rosemead. My passion for reconciliation and healing then led to a subsequent degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, also from Fuller, and clinical work in private practice.
I have been active in the Episcopal Church since 2000 and as part of the process of pursuing ordination, attended Bloy House, the Episcopal Theological School at Claremont, and ministered as a hospital chaplain at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.
Developing our church’s multicultural identity, engaging in new perspectives for ministry, as well as enriching our faith journeys, are areas of ministry that I am excited about. I am also active in the diocese as a member of the Bishop Coadjutor Search Committee and with the national Episcopal Asiamerica Ministries as the secretary of the Chinese Convocation.
In my recreational life, I enjoy music, photography, cycling, food, traveling, or any combination of these interests.

My wife, Christine, and I live in Pasadena.