Meet Our Vestry (Elected Church Council)

Who are the Vestry, and What do they Do?

Vestry members are active parishioners – attending worship frequently and supporting the church with their time, talents, and finances. They are elected each year at the Annual Parish Meeting, to work with our clergy, and serve for a three-year term. They have responsibility for general oversight of the parish with regard to its mission, its programs, and its budget. See below for our current members…

How are Vestry Members Elected?

Each year at the Annual Parish Meeting, we elect a slate of new Vestry members who will work with our Rector and serve as spiritual and fiduciary leaders of the parish for a three-year term.

Each year the Vestry receives nominations from the parish and recommends a “slate” for election at the Annual Meeting.

Nominees may still be received on the floor of the meeting, but the Vestry recommends a slate because the current Vestry knows firsthand the qualities needed in order to function well as a team. They also know what it takes to be a successful Vestry member.

How can I nominate myself or someone else to Stand for Election?

The Vestry very much welcomes input from the wider parish in the nominations process, so please think and pray about who you would consider a strong candidate for Vestry membership.
If you are moved to offer a name in nomination (and yes – it can be your own!) please leave a note, or speak with Mo. Paula, who can be reached in the church office at 310-375-4617 or Tim Coleman, our Sr. Warden, who has a mailbox in the church office. Please let us know if you would like to nominate yourself of someone else to serve. Thank you.
We welcome your questions, suggestions and comments at any time via the church office 310 375-4617
or by email to Mary Sanchez – Office Manager