Our Values

Our Values

Like many organizations, St Francis has  Mission and Vision statements, which we use to guide our overall direction and focus.

However, we don’t believe that church stops when we walk out of our doors on Sunday mornings.

In fact – in many ways church really only  starts as we head off up Via Rosa to re-join the flow of life outside our campus.

We believe we are called to live by a different set of values than the world around us, values that ground us in transformative relationship with God.

In all we do, we strive to be:


We believe Jesus is the ultimate teacher of how to live the kind of life God intends for us.
We center our lives in Christ through prayer, worship, study and authentic community.


We believe that as we become genuine followers of Christ, we will grow to be more like him, becoming instruments of grace, hope, and love in every area of our life and world.


We believe in prayer and spiritual practices that fuel a living relationship with God and empower us for life in the way of Christ.


We believe that all people matter to God, so we joyfully welcome all people into our community – without exception.  Whoever you are and whatever the status of your relationship with God, you will find fellow travelers here.


We believe every moment – every liturgy, every coffee hour, every chance meeting in the supermarket – is an opportunity to practice the presence of Christ and to manifest God’s Kingdom among us.


We believe God calls us into a supportive community that nurtures us in faith.
We risk being open and vulnerable, sharing our real lives so we may learn to love and be loved as we truly are.


We believe that rich, transformative moments, especially in worship and prayer, are essential to sustain a life of hope in the midst of much that seems hopeless.


As we find abundance of life in Christ, our lives overflow with a peace, joy and generosity that blesses the world.  We do not hesitate to share where this comes from so others may be inspired to seek this kind of life for themselves.