I’m New Here

Welcome to St Francis Church!

We are so glad you are here. At St Francis we believe that all people matter to God, so we joyfully welcome all people into our community – without exception.
As you explore this site and see all that our community has to offer,  we hope you will be inspired to take a new (or maybe just another) step toward a life of meaning, purpose, and joy, as a follower of Christ.
Try these links to get you started:

Who are we? What do we Believe? – the core beliefs of our church.
I’m ill or in trouble, and I need help – don’t sit alone – we will help you.
Information on Services – days, times, what are your services like?
Worship FAQs – eg. what do I wear/what do I do?

I’m looking for something spiritual – something deeper and more meaningful in my life. I’m not even sure if I have a faith – how can I learn more without being judged?
What can you offer my kids?
I’d love to make some new friends
I’d love to do something to help the community

I need information on baptisms, weddings or memorial services


Want more information or help?

  • Have a question you can’t find an answer to on the site?
  • Not sure where you might fit in?
  • Just want to sit and talk, over a cup of coffee?

Please contact Mother Paula.
We would love to meet with you.  You are not an interruption to our work – you ARE our work!
God Bless you,