What is Pledging?

This is regular income that individuals or groups pledge to donate through the coming year. You can pay your pledge by regular installments – weekly, monthly, bi-monthly – or in lump sums, or however best fits your budget.

Should your circumstances change during the year, don’t worry – you can change your pledge at any time – just let Elaine Mistele in the office know – your information is kept in absolute confidence.

Download Pledge Cards


Why do we Need Pledging?

Pledged money is our single biggest source of income, and is absolutely essential. Without it we could not plan ahead to pay our Clergy and staff, and maintain the Ministries and Campus which in turn support our faith and our outreach programs.


How Much Should I Pledge?

The first tool you should use is – Prayer!

Spend some time listening to God, and considering your personal use of Time, Treasure and Talents.
One approach – Consider Proportionate Giving – A principle by which all stand on equal ground as givers.
1. Determine your current contribution level.

Current income $80,000
Current percentage 3%
Current pledge $ 2,400


2. Establish your contribution for the new year based on a new %.

Expected income $80,000
New percentage 4%
New commitment $ 3,200


3. In each succeeding year, with prayer and discernment, increase your percentage until you arrive at the proportion of all God has given you that you have decided to give back to the work of God though the Church.

How Do I Pledge?

We are currently receiving pledges for 2015. This year we are asking you to consider pledging in two areas – both financial, and also in terms of time and talent.

Our Pledge Cards  give you all the information you need. Just print either or both of them out, fill them in, and return as soon as possible.

And we thank you!
Don’t forget – as well as paying by cash or check in our collection plate, you can also use Electronic Giving.

You may already use automatic Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to pay other bills.

EFT involves a direct transfer from your bank account to the church bank account.

Benefits of Electronic Funds Transfer

  • uses less paper =  a positive impact on the environment.
  • no cost to you.
  • no need to remember to write checks or fill out envelopes on Sunday morning (we have I give electronically cards available for you to place in the offering plate, if you would like – although this isn’t necessary. Contact Elaine Mistele in the office if you would like some.).
  • simplified giving = savings in time and money for all.

Many of the same benefits apply to Automated Bill Pay Programs.
Ask your bank for more information about Automated Bill Pay and consider automating your payments that way.